• Backpack T-B3905

    Backpack T-B3905

    Many consumers want  large capacity backpacks, but there will be an issue ,when the whole backpack is very large, It might look not fashionable  ,so how to maintain the functionality and fashion at the same time? T-B3905 is such an excellent backpack.

  • Backpack T-B3599

    Backpack T-B3599

    Stereo type is usually a major feature of Tigernu products. T-B3599 can be regarded as the best representative of three-dimensional shape. The whole backpack is cleverly divided to make the fabric neat and tidy. The vertical lines make the backpack look more slender. The front horizontal interface design makes the backpack look strong and highlight the texture.

  • Backpack T-B3351

    Backpack T-B3351

    Backpack shows different styles because of different fabrics. T-B3351 , the main fabric is striped material, this specially customized striped material, has the performance of anti splashing, and the unique weave, showing a strong retro feeling. We choose the Dark Brown Striped material, so that the knapsack presents a deep, dry, and side inclined zipper opening design, so that the package line Clear, no loss of leisure factor .

  • Backpack T-B3237

    Backpack T-B3237

    Tigernu applies the anti-theft concept to every detail of the backpack. T-B3237 is a typical structural anti-theft backpack. The front panel of this backpack is designed with integral materials. You can’t see where the zipper is at a glance. The detachable design similar to wings on both sides perfectly covers the side bag, making the whole backpack look full of design sense, very cool, and effectively protects the privacy and security of the side bag.

  • Backpack T-B3213TPU

    Backpack T-B3213TPU

    In order to reduce the impact of weather changes, Tigernu usually customize high-performance fabrics. TPU is a very popular new fabric.

  • Backpack T-B3143USB

    Backpack T-B3143USB

    People always give priority to the functionality when buying backpacks, and even some consumers will not pay too much attention to the design . Tigernu brand always adheres to the design of both functionality and fashion. Although most products are black, the ingenious design not only increases the functionality of backpacks, but also makes backpacks become interesting and energetic.

  • Backpack T-B3142USB

    Backpack T-B3142USB

    One of Tigernu’s product features is high-quality fabric. The fabric we choose usually has the characteristics of environmental protection, comfort, fashion and so on. This backpack is made of cation Oxford fabric, which is similar to clothing fabric, with special feel like wool, and this new fabric has unique advantages of wrinkle resistance.

  • Backpack T-B3105A

    Backpack T-B3105A

    Tigernu products are mainly functional backpacks. In the process of development and design, we often research what functions people exactly need from the actual work and life,and try to add to our products. We have been focusing on anti-theft design since 2004. T-B3105A, the design of TSA  lock on the side, is a highlight.

  • Backpack T-B3032A

    Backpack T-B3032A

    Tigernu brand has always been adhering to the tenet of environmental protection and health for product development and manufacturing. Most of the products are made of environmental friendly high-density nylon fabrics, such as this T-B3032. The main fabric is splash proof nylon, which can not only protect your goods in rainy days, but also make the whole backpack look strong, making it the first choice for travel safety.

  • Backpack T-B3090USB

    Backpack T-B3090USB

    Most of Tigernu’s products are mainly 15.6-inch 17 inch computer backpacks. In order to accommodate this size of notebook computers, backpacks usually look large. However, with the light and thin notebook computers becoming more and more popular, Tigernu also began to develop computer backpacks suitable for small size. T-B3090 is such a small backpack.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8060

    Crossbody bag T-S8060

    This is a typical sports style sling bag. The front panel of the bag has a fluorescent slant design, and the TPU splicing fabric enhances the neat feeling of the bag, and has a waterproof effect. The whole bag is a slender design, similar to a cone. Compared with other sling bags, this bag has a very large capacity, which can hold 9.7-inch tablet computers, umbrellas, etc.

  • Backpack T-B3655

    Backpack T-B3655

    T-B3655 is a backpack popular with customers in cold regions, especially in Russia. It is very hot, which is inseparable from its special fabric, which is jacquard nylon. The jacquard nylon we use is different from the ordinary jacquard nylon on the market. Russia has always been the main sales area of Tigernu products. Therefore, we have customized the jacquard nylon with special performance, which has good cold resistance. When consumers receive the backpack, the fabric will not freeze or become stiff.