• Backpack T-B3668

    Backpack T-B3668

    This is a more traditional business style backpack, the whole backpack gives a sense of stability and luxury. In terms of color, in addition to the commonly used black, we also boldly use dark purple, black leather fabric with purple matte nylon fabric, and white fluorescent strip decoration, presenting an unparalleled sense of dignity.

  • Wallet T-S8081

    Wallet T-S8081

    This wallet still uses two kinds of fabrics, TPU and cation Oxford cloth. Unlike other wallets, this wallet is designed with single material, without any splicing elements. TPU ,this fabric has similar feature of leather , the smooth and texture, with remarkable waterproof function. The Oxford cloth with striped texture makes this wallet full of retro style ,it’s scratch resistant.

  • Brief Case T-L5150

    Brief Case T-L5150

    This is a different briefcase. Firstly , its fabric is different from the previous briefcase. The common briefcase is made of leather or nylon. This briefcase is made of cation Oxford fabric, which makes the bag look neat and retro with vertical stripe lines.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8097

    Crossbody bag T-S8097

    This bag with fashionable and young style. Firstly, from the perspective of color selection, the color of fluorescent yellow is a big breakthrough. With dark gray, it creates a strong and outstanding sports style. The combination of khaki and  gray makes this bag look retro and low-key. The combination of black and orange lining reflects the passion of ice and fire. It can completely meet the needs of different styles of consumers.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8085

    Crossbody bag T-S8085

    This cross boy bag is very special with an interesting shape . At first glance, it looks like water drop and brick. Look at the line design of the surface carefully. Actually, it’s not hard to find that this is a bag designed for the football World Cup. Its line layout refers to the line on the surface of the football, and its compact shape is more favored by girls.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8061

    Crossbody bag T-S8061

    This sling bag is a matched design with backpack T-B3351. Its shape is very similar to that of backpack, and its fabric is also the same. It is Japanese style striped fabric. This bag is very popular with Japanese consumers. Its size design is very good, its square appearance and internal capacity are used to the greatest extent, and it can accommodate 7.9-inch tablet. It can also hold umbrellas, notebooks and other daily objects.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8050

    Crossbody bag T-S8050

    Punk style , the particularity of TPU material appearance and the advantage of waterproof make this cross body bag stand out. The front panel uses diagonal lines to make the ordinary square layout dynamic.

  • Backpack T-B3516

    Backpack T-B3516

    PU is a kind of fabric widely used in the handbag industry. Women bags are made of Pu fabric. Compared with leather, PU leather has the advantages of lighter weight, waterproof, not easy to expand or deform after absorbing water, environmental, light smell, easy to handle and more patterns can be pressed on the surface. T-B3516 is a successful case of splicing design of Oxford fabric and Pu fabric.

  • Backpack T-B3585

    Backpack T-B3585

    This is a typical European style backpack. The main body of the backpack is water proof and environmental friendly nylon fabric. The front square zipper not only increases the pocket space, but also can form a perfect match with the fabric. This backpack is of sub light color system, with four colors of wine red, coffee, dark gray and black, low-key colors, and soft luster of soft nylon fabric set off each other, low-key and without loss of fashion.

  • Backpack T-B3611

    Backpack T-B3611

    This is a backpack full of campus factor . First of all, its color matching is very representative. Boys use black, gray, girls like pink and red, while gray and red can be used as neutral colors. The interior design of this backpack is simple, because we focus on the exterior design in terms of functionality.

  • Backpack T-B3621B

    Backpack T-B3621B

    Simplicity is classic. This sentence is very suitable to describe T-B3621B. The T-B3621B ,this backpack is not wide as a whole. It’s a long and slim backpack. The front vertical zipper design makes the bag look more streamlined, but the capacity of the backpack is not small. It can perfectly accommodate 15.6 inch computers, as well as daily use of various items. The designer uses arc design at the opening to make the backpack look more energetic and young.

  • Backpack T-B3639

    Backpack T-B3639

    With the accelerated pace of life, consumers have more and more functional needs for backpacks. T-B3639 is such a powerful backpack. First of all, it can be used as a backpack. At the same time, it has a smart detachable shoulder belt, which can also be turned into a messenger bag . The handle design on the side can also be turned into a handbag. This backpack stands out from others in terms of structure and function and becomes a classic product of Tigernu.