How to choose a backpack

How to choose a backpack for you?

      How to choose a backpack that suits you and is practical? I believe that many people will encounter such confusion when choosing a backpack. You can consider the following aspects.

      1.The scene where you use your backpack

      In general, backpacks can be divided into the following major categories, daily, business, campus, travel, etc. These categories can also overlap with each other. Now, many stylishly designed backpacks can be used in multiple scenarios. Yes, most of the time, when we choose a backpack, we may use it in our daily life, and also use it when we travel. With the continuous iteration and update of the technology, the use of a single restriction is relatively rare.

The sceneof the backpack

      2.The material of the backpack

      Most backpacks nowadays are made of nylon, TPU, Oxford cloth, or leather materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, nylon has the advantages of high toughness, smooth surface, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, and Oxidation, but the disadvantages of nylon are poor water absorption and poor heat resistance. Another example is leather. Its advantages are wear resistance, strong toughness, and better air permeability, but because its essence is protein, its disadvantage is heavyweight. Easy to deform due to water absorption.

The material of the backpack

      3.The capacity of the backpack

      Many of us will assume that the capacity of the backpack is the standard for how much we can pack, but this capacity is only a theoretical estimate. If the backpack space is irregular, plus the space occupied by the filler compartment, It is more difficult to get accurate and error-free measurements. The capacity of this backpack is also selected according to our needs. If it is a little girl, for daily use and only put some small objects, maybe only a backpack of about 10L is enough. As a boy, I want to put down a big notebook. In the case of a computer or a lot of personal belongings, about 20L of space is needed, but if you want to go hiking, short-term outdoor outings, then you may need a 30L or larger backpack.

Different backpack sizes

      4.The function of the backpack

      In many cases, when considering how to choose a backpack, many people will ignore or underestimate the function of this backpack. The so-called function is whether it can provide us with other conveniences while meeting our basic needs. , Such as whether the security is anti-theft, whether it has a charging port or a headphone jack, or whether the laptop compartment has a fixed tape, and so on.

The function of the backpack

     5.The comfort of the backpack

      The comfort of the backpack should consider whether it is suitable for the characteristics of the human back, breathability and the comfort of the straps, whether the backpack has an adjustable back cushion, which is convenient for different carriers, and whether the back can be adjusted when carrying for a long time. The spacing between the pads can relieve the back fatigue of the victim.

The comfort of the backpack

      6.Quality and after-sales of the backpack

      In addition to the factors we have to consider above, the quality and after-sales of the product are also aspects that we need to focus on. Many friends buy new products and take them out happily. There are also many problems such as breakage and open line. Therefore, while considering our needs, we must also pay attention to the quality of the product and whether the after-sales service is perfect.

Quality and after-sales of the backpack

      How to choose a suitable backpack, refer to the above aspects, you will be able to buy a high-quality backpack that is suitable for you, and is of practical quality and good quality.

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