How to choose the right men's backpack size?

How to choose the right men's backpack size?

      What size men’s backpacks are generally bought there is no specific limit to this, and you must choose according to your needs and the scene of use. If it is a short-distance journey to and from get off work, maybe a backpack of about 20L is enough for us. Use, and there is some extra space for other things.

      Of course, there are now about 10L backpacks for people to choose from, but as a boy, if the height is relatively burly, then it is best to choose a larger backpack, then this is satisfactory The backpack capacity for daily travel needs.

      This time we will focus on the detailed analysis of how much stuff can be put in 20L, we will find that the capacity of 20L is enough for us to use, the canned cola that we usually drink. Generally, it is 300ml, then the space of 20L can fully accommodate 30 cans of Coke. If the space of 20L is measured by ingredients, then it is It can hold 7.5 kg of ingredients. We will find that we don’t necessarily bring so much water and ingredients when we did not travel long distances. As a backpack for leisure and daily use, 20L is large enough, like this The interior of a kind of backpack, under normal circumstances, there will be a specific laptop mezzanine, which can accommodate a tablet or laptop of 8 inches-15.6 inches, we have mentioned before, under normal circumstances, we can also install it inside Some daily necessities or other small accessories, these are no problems.

      So, what size backpack do men’s friends who like outdoor activities generally use? Maybe a backpack of about 20L may not be enough at this time because you may need to carry some items such as tents, water, tableware, etc. At this time, you may need a 40L or more large-capacity backpack.

      Of course, when men buy backpacks, they also need to pay attention to such a problem: the height of the backpack. Some boys like to adjust the shoulder strap of the backpack to be longer. At this time, the backpack may already be at the lower part of the waist. At this time, It will greatly affect the temperament of people and make people think that this is a sloppy person. Therefore, when we use backpacks, we should try to choose some bags with the size of the backpack above our waist, and do not adjust the shoulders too long.

      Mens’ backpacks are generally bought in size. At this time, you have to choose according to your needs. If you just bring some small items with you, then maybe less than 10L is enough. If you need to carry a laptop sometimes, then it’s best to choose a 20L or so. If you go to some outdoor activities, then choose a backpack with a larger capacity according to your choice.

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