Genuine Leather material

Which fabric is better for men's backpacks?

      Which fabric is better for men's backpacks? Generally, our most common materials are 4 kinds, nylon, Oxford cloth, TPU, and Genuine leather. They have their advantages and disadvantages.

      Although many people know that nylon, the scientific name and chemical name of nylon are not clear to everyone, its scientific name is nylon, and its chemical name is polyester amine fiber. In most cases on the market, This material is used to be called nylon. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. It has toughness, good drawing depth and compression strength, high softening point, smooth surface, friction resistance, and corrosion resistance. In the process of making the backpack, the backpack can be lightweight, easy to dye, and easy to shape. However, nylon also has some shortcomings. It does not perform well in terms of water absorption and antistatic.

Comparison of four main backpack materials

      Oxford fabric is a traditional combed cotton fabric. It originated around 1900. There are also many varieties in the market. these varieties also have their advantages and usage scenarios. Its advantage is that it has good air permeability and is lighter than nylon, but its light transmittance and wear resistance are relatively poor.

      The Chinese name of TPU is relatively long. I believe many people have never heard of it. The Chinese name is Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Rubber. According to the molecule, it can be divided into the polyester type and polyether type. According to the processing method, it can be divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, and blow molding grade. TPU is a relatively environmentally friendly material, with high tension, high tensile strength, and aging resistance characteristics, and the technology of TPU is also relatively mature, and it is widely used in many industries. But TPU also has relative weaknesses, that is, poor moldability, polyester type TPU is not resistant to hydrolysis, and polyether type has poor heat resistance.

      The English name of genuine leather is Genuine Leather. The leather materials often mentioned in the market can be divided into three types: first layer leather, second layer leather, and synthetic leather. The most expensive one is of course the first layer of cowhide, so how to distinguish between leather and synthetic leather As for leather, I won’t introduce more here. Later, the editor will introduce two detailed methods of distinguishing in an article. The general approach is to touch, look, and try a few. The leather is softer in terms of feel. , Plump and elastic, and the surface is relatively bright, the leather feel is relatively strong, it looks relatively high-end. Of course, the abrasion resistance of leather is relatively poor, and it is easy to be damp, and usually requires regular protection and maintenance, and the elasticity and air permeability are also relatively poor.

      What fabric do you choose for men's backpacks? Generally speaking, the most common ones are the first three types, nylon, oxford cloth, and TPU. After all, backpacks are not small items. There are still relatively few items made entirely of leather materials. They have their advantages and disadvantages, but The quality of most Tigernu products is guaranteed, and every backpack is a worthy choice for you!

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