Soft objects clean the surface of the backpack

How men clean up backpacks?

How do men clean their backpacks, wash their backpacks every once in a while, it is a kind of care for the backpack and a good way to enhance their external charm. Then how do we clean our backpacks?

Empty the backpack

When cleaning backpacks, we must not ignore a key issue: what material our backpacks are made of. Some materials cannot be washed or may not be washed directly with a washing machine. We need to wash them manually. Therefore, a very important step is to find the label of the backpack, check the production materials of the backpack, and check whether there are prohibited operations on the label.

What are the preparations we have to do before cleaning?

First of all, we need to take out all the items in the inner pocket of the backpack. If it is a portable backpack with a USB charging port, we need to take out the charging cable to prevent the electronic accessories from receiving water or washing during cleaning.

Then prepare a wet towel and a brush. We can use a wet towel to remove the floating dust on the surface. If there is a place in the corner of the backpack that the towel cannot wipe, we can use the brush to clean it gently at this time. Of course, sometimes, there may be oil stains or other similar objects on the backpack that are difficult to clean. At this time, we will need some specific cleaning agents to clean the stubborn objects on the surface.

If the information obtained in the label is machine washable, we need to check the metal fittings in the backpack at this time. If there are metal fittings, we need to remove the metal fittings. If there are separate detachable pockets in the backpack, the pockets need to be removed and washed separately to ensure that every part of the backpack is thoroughly cleaned. If machine washing is forbidden and only hand washing is allowed. At this time, we can use a softer brush or soft sponge to clean the surface and corners of the backpack. The specific tool to choose depends on the material of the backpack and the interior of the backpack, determined by the label's identity.

The last step is also more critical, that is, let the backpack dry naturally, avoid using dryers or other types of heat sources, because the material of the backpack may not be able to withstand higher temperatures.

We have introduced how to clean the backpack above. Of course, we should pay attention to some matters when using the backpack. For example, we should clean our backpack regularly, and it is forbidden to put sharp objects and liquids that are easy to outflow in the backpack...