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What brand of the backpack is better for boys?

      What brand of the backpack is better for boys?There are two meanings of the brand, one is the distinction between brand products, and the other is the potential impression left by people. For example, in the brand of bags, there are a few very famous ones, almost everyone knows, Lv, Hermes, etc. The first reaction we heard was that it was very expensive. Today we will introduce a brand that focuses on 25-45-year-old business office workers and 16-24-year-old school students-Tigernu.

      The target group of Tigernu is the people who pay attention to stability, business, leisure, and vitality. They are also those who pursue a tasteful, personalized, and diversified life and recognize the business leisure and comfortable natural lifestyle advocated by Tigernu. Therefore, All of Tigernu's backpacks are designed in line with business and fashion temperament.

      So what brand of backpack do boys carry good-looking? Below we pick out a few products to focus on analysis, T-B3982 (Manboe) series and T-B3983 (Sparkle) series.

Tigernu T-B3982 (Manboe backpack)

      This backpack is available in three colors: black, gray, and royal blue. The black boys carry more business and stability, the gray ones will make people look more casual and energetic, while the royal blue ones will make you feel fashionable. , More tasteful, high-quality encrypted 210 jacquard lining, high-strength tear-resistant TPU rubber fabric on the outside, making this backpack give a high-quality, high-quality feeling. This backpack has many excellent features. TPU is used as an outer fabric, which can play a waterproof performance, and has an RFID security pocket. The inner layer is also relatively clear. The computer, clothing, and small items can be separated, and the largest size that can be accommodated The laptop is 15.6-inch and has hidden pockets to protect your personal belongings from thieves.


Tigernu T-B3983 (Sparkle backpack)

      This backpack comes in two colors, black and gray. The inner and outer materials of this backpack are the same as the T-B3982 Edifier backpack above. The excellent quality of the upper part can also be reflected in the T-B3983, which is worth mentioning Yes, the T-B3983  Sparkle backpack incorporates ergonomic design during the design process. More consideration is given to the design and breathability of the shoulder straps and the comfort of being carried on the body. In addition, this backpack also incorporates the design of reflective strips on the outside, which can be easily identified at night, reducing the uncertain traffic safety hazards caused by the dim environment, and both backpacks have duffel bags, which can be used in travel or business During the business trip, you can directly fix the luggage on the suitcase, and there will be a lot of energy left.

      So what brand of the backpack is better for boys? The editor thinks that the above two bags are both very good choices, with perfect functions and fashionable appearance.

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