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Precautions for using men's leather backpacks

      How to use and care for men's Genuine Leather backpacks? There are some precautions. For many men, the most common backpack material we see is nylon or TPU. Genuine leather is really rare outdoors. On the one hand, the price of Genuine Leather is more expensive. On the other hand, there are some precautions for the daily use of Genuine Leather.

      We often see that the material of the Genuine Leather bag is marked as the top layer of leather. Many people also have some questions.  Why should it be marked as the first layer of leather? That is because the dermis can be divided into the first layer of leather and the second layer. Layer skin and three-layer skin, we will not distinguish in detail here, we can introduce them separately, now we only need to know that the cortex and toughness of the scalp skin are the best.

Advantages of leather materials

      When we use Genuine Leather bags, we need to pay attention to some aspects. For example, we should pay attention to the fact that the Genuine Leather bags cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time because if the leather is irradiated by high-intensity sunlight, the surface will be relatively dry. It will cause cracks, damage the leather, and the color will be dim. In addition, the leather bag must be careful not to be scratched by sharp objects during use, because the leather bag is real leather, and the leather is relatively soft. Fingernails, keys, etc. may leave scratches on them.

      Not only do leather bags need to pay attention to some things in the process of use, but there are also a lot of specialties in daily storage. For example, the environment where the leather bags are placed should be dry, because all leather goods cannot be kept in a humid environment for a long time. If you stay in a damp environment for a long time, the long-term dampness will make the leather bag moldy, and once the leather bag is moldy, it will seriously affect the leather and the service life of the bag. If the leather bag is not used for a long time and needs to be stored for a long time, then the items in the bag should be cleaned and taken out, the leather bag should be cleaned and oiled, and paper can also be stuffed into the bag. It can only prevent mildew and keep the original shape of the bag.

      If there is the hardware on the leather bag, pay attention to the oxidation resistance of the hardware. For hardware, if the bag is not used for a long time, the hardware should also be wrapped in paper, and then placed and In a cool and dry place.Tigernu Leather Care Class

      Therefore, when using and caring for men's Genuine Leather backpacks, we need to pay attention to many places, develop good habits, and carefully store our Genuine Leather bags, to maintain the quality and service life of the leather bags.

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