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Tianxia FinanceFight the Epidemic: CCTV Financial Channel interviewed TIGERNU

At the beginning of the New Year, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all industries in China. The unprecedented volatility experienced by Chinese manufacturing is the "hardcore" operation of a large number of enterprises to quickly switch production and resume work and production. On the one hand, there are also some enterprises that have difficulty in reaching production. With the spread of the epidemic overseas, many export-oriented manufacturers are feeling the pressure. On March 27th, 2020, CCTV financial channel "Tianxia Finance" program interviewed our chairman Mr. Qian Zhenyou by phone.("Tianxia Finance" broadcast at 12:00 noon)Mr. Qian Zhenyou, chairman of the company, said: affected by the epidemic, the recent period of slow customs clearance, goods stuck in foreign customs for a long time, therefore, many customers will cancel orders. Especially the demand for non-essential goods like backpacks dropped a lot. TIGERNU is one of the most famous luggage and bags brand in China, and is the first backpack manufacturer in China to put forward the concept of anti-theft backpack. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, with independent production and sales, and the "hard core" control ability in the cross-border e-commerce, we have established a number of high-quality foreign warehouses in some business focus areas. At present, the production capacity has been fully restored, but by the expanding foreign epidemic, sales have been affected to a certain extent. Of course, the market demand still exists, and demand breeds vitality. An epidemic is like a big test, TIGERNU has withstood the pressure and challenges, and will forge ahead despite the difficulties.

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Genuine Knowledge and Humble Opinions
- by TIGERNU founder Qian Zhenyou

Mr. Qian Zhenyou, once a small business owner of thousands of leather processing factories in Shiling, Huadu, has become a leader in the industry and a brand entrepreneur of bags in Shiling, Huadu. He and his TIGERNU brand of backpacks have become a household name. Mr. Qian Zhenyou has transformed from a small business owner to a successful entrepreneur with his pattern and vision, humility and fraternity, easy-going and strict. More than ten years of entrepreneurship, what he relies on to attract a group of talents to TIGERNU? I think the answer should be the same, that is, his charm, excellent quality of the brand, and his humble learning spirit. He says his success is only due to luck. Maybe there's luck in it, like a market opportunity. But the decisive factor should be his persistent, unchanging attitude, should be his customer research through, the luggage to figure out the good business heart. Opportunity always belongs to those who are prepared, and Mr. Qian has done it. Mr. Qian has no aura of higher education, no enviable family background, and no excessive talent and traits, but only his hard work and diligence in the luggage industry for more than thirty years. He started from the grassroots workers, in a needle and thread growth, in a step by step in the effort. In 2020, the Covid-19 rampant in the world, enterprises are facing huge pressure, many peers have switched to do masks, while Qian Zhenyou still persistently watch over their own acre of land. Like a growing child, TIGERNU in 2020 has begun to understand. She needs to be baptized and honed by society, and then become more robust and strong.

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In 2020, the epidemic of COVID-19 has made the "retrograde angel in white" the most beautiful figure in people's eyes! "Patients without medical care will be trapped in hopelessness; patients without care will be trapped in helplessness." All of them treat every patient with "love, patience, care and responsibility" and do their nursing work well.On this wonderful holiday, Mr. Qian Zhenyou, the chairman of TIGERNU, sent a token of appreciation to the medical staff on the front line of the epidemic with his high respect for them.

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On December 18, 2019, Mr. Qian Zhenyou of TIGERNU, with his wife, arrived in Changning, Hunan Province, on a dusty journey to make a field donation to support the school. This trip is in response to the appeal of Xiaoyan a teacher from Shuangping Wan, Changning , to give love to the children left behind in the mountainous rural schools, hoping that people can provide some help for the children of Shuangping Wan Primary School, such as learning tools.Ms. Yan Xiaoqiong is a female teacher who is over 50 years old and disabled. She has been teaching for decades and has devoted herself to education, dedicating herself to her students for most of her life. Although we had never met, we were moved by Mr. Yan's spirit of teaching when we fully understood him, and Mr. Qian agreed to donate at once after he was informed of this information. Mr. Qian solemnly stated in the donation ceremony that he would continue to lend a helping hand to those students who really need help within his ability, as well as to those teachers who have both virtues and talents and poor families.

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