Brand History

Brand CEO


Qian Zhenyou

Born in 1974, Weng 'an County, Guizhou Province.

President of Guangzhou Tigernu Leather Co., Ltd.

In 1988, he came to Guangdong from Guizhou to work.

2004 established Jiayou Leather Factory (predecessor of Tigernu Leather Co., Ltd)

Founded the brand Tigernu in 2012.

Outstanding entrepreneur of private enterprise.

Member of the first Guangzhou Huadu District Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Promotion Association.

Executive Chairman of Guangzhou Huadu Guizhou Chamber of Commerce

Quotations from Mr.Qian Zhenyou

I can only make bags, and I will devote my life to this.

Product first, quality is the soul.

Don't work for money, excellent job help to make more money come.

Strict is great love.

Bags are defined by the zipper, starting with the zipper, every detail to the extreme.

Since the establishment of the enterprise, from the very beginning of the 3 people, under his leadership, adhere to the independent business, integrity management, forge ahead, the company has achieved outstanding results. Tigernu brand since its establishment, adhere to the quality first, independent innovation, constantly improve the core competitiveness of the brand, constantly improve themselves in products, services and other aspects, do a great job in reputation protection.

Mr. Qan said,

“When I was a child, many children in the mountains like me, their families are poor, even can not have a bag, they survive in a difficult situation, their faces are full of desire for knowledge. So after out of the mountains, I planted a seed, and got a strong hope, I must make bags and send them to the children in the mountains, so that they can carry the bags to school, instead of suffering a childhood dropout like me, even having a bag becoming a luxury.”

“As an adult, I watch commuters rush to and from high-rise cities, briefcases in hands and heavy backpacks on their shoulders. Then I know that this is a bag carrying their dreams in this city. I want to make a backpack for them, with my wishes, and help them pursue their dreams in this city. After food and clothing, in the station and airport, all kinds of travelers, carrying travel bags, pulling suitcases. I know that such a bag carries their pursuit of the spiritual world. I want to make a bag for them, with my dreams, and help them chase the inner spiritual world.”

“Now what engraved in my heart is always the bag carrying their dreams, the pursuit of happiness, and full of ideal. Realize the yearning of the heart, witness the chase of the flowers of the world and listen to the inner world. We Tigernu brand are willing to help the above wishes, devote our life just to achieve your dreams. All our life, only for you to take our blessing, chasing the world scenery - Tigernu”

Brand Journey

Tigernu is a bag brand originating from China. Since Tigernu firstly created a double-layer anti-theft zipper in 2012, its products have quickly sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Currently, it has more than 200 country patents including suspended zippers and freely retractable laptop layers. Tigernu has always insisted on innovation, applying the concepts of safety, health, and environmental protection to its products, adhering to the craftsman spirit of excellence, and making life simple and worry-free in a personalized, sustainable and safe way.
  • 2022

    Tigernu researched and developed the adjustable shoulder strap device. The classic, Trekker and Dragon series products have been launched.

    Launched the classic, Trekker and Dragon series
  • 2021

    Tigernu has been upgraded. The Connect, Elite and Retro series products have been came into the market.

    Launched Connect, Elite and Retro series
  • 2020

    Tigernu brand was sold in more than 160 countries and regions and redefined the "Explorer" as brand spirit.

    Redefining the Explorer series
  • 2019

    Herringbone Oxford cloth products were on sale, the material passed the European 8P environmental protection standard.

    There are three anti materials "antifungus, anti-bacterial ,and flame-retardant" that achieved new breakthroughs.

    Human Hemp Series Products
  • 2018

    Technology product bulletproof backpack and anti-cut material products came out.

    Tigernu brand of the 6th Anniversary.

    Cut-resistant material
  • 2017

    Elastic wire rope lock - enhanced anti-theft backpack and backpacks with invisible zippers came out.

    Enhanced anti-theft backpack
  • 2016

    Tigernu successfully launched men's wallets, expanded product category, and enhanced the brand's appeal.

    men's wallet
  • 2015

    Tigernu launched a "laptop backpack" integrating leisure and versatility, broke the inherent traditional backpack style; Developed an adjustable laptop compartment and obtained the patent to better protect the laptop and enhanced brand awareness.

    Multifunctional integrated backpack
  • 2014

    As a pioneer in the backpack industry, Tigernu was the first brand to propose the concept of "anti-theft" in China. Then introduced wear-resistant, scratch-resistant ,and waterproof high-density nylon fabric material,Entered the cross-border e-commerce platform, and the backpacks of double-layer anti-theft and explosion-proof zipper are quickly sold all over the world.

    Double-layer anti-theft and explosion-proof zipper display
  • 2012

    "Tigernu" barnd was founded in Guangzhou.

    tigenru brand image
  • 2009

    The new site of the Tigernu factory was decided in Shanqian Road, Xinyang Village, Shiling Town, Guangzhou.

    Picture of Tagnu Factory
  • 2004

    Tigernu's predecessor "Jiayou Leather Factory" was established.

    Jiayou Leather Factory
  • 1989

    Mr. Zhenyou Qian began to get acquainted with backpacks, and started a journey of exploration with it.

    Design backpack