Tips for men to use backpacks to avoid sweating in summer

Tips for men to use backpacks to avoid sweating in summer

Summer is a long and hot season. So in this season, when men use backpacks, what are the comfortable suggestions to improve the experience?

One of the obvious problems we encountered in the summer is that the weather is hot and it is easy to make people sweat. When we carry backpacks, we can easily find that there will be dampness behind our clothes. There are several techniques to avoid this situation.

One of the tricks is to avoid putting heavy items in the backpack. Why is this? Because once the weight of the backpack is too large, the backpack will sag severely. When the backpack sags, it will have intimate contact with our body. At this time, the air circulation of our back is relatively low and easy to cause poor ventilation makes the heat of our backs unable to be discharged. If we put lighter items in our backpacks, once we straighten our bodies, there will be a certain gap between the backpacks and our backs. Increase heat dissipation.

The second technique is that we can use the backpack as a shoulder bag. The prerequisite for this is that there should not be too many items on the shoulders, otherwise it is difficult for our shoulders to bear the weight of the backpack. When carrying a backpack on one shoulder, we will find that the backpack does not make close contact with our back, but only with our shoulders.

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The third technique is to choose backpack products with better breathable materials in summer. If the breathability is good, even if it is close to our back, heat can still be emitted. Of course, the effect of this technique should be better than It doesn't have the effect of shouldering.

The fourth technique is that if we don't have many items, the role of the backpack is difficult to fully play its role. At this time, we can choose a shoulder bag or a messenger bag to replace the backpack.

In summer, a few tips for men to improve the comfort of backpacks are shared with you. Do you have any good suggestions?

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