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What is the use of a men's backpack?

      What is the use of a men's backpack? Do I need a backpack? You see, is this messenger bag more convenient than a backpack? I often hear some friends use that the lightness of the messenger bag and comparing it with the weight and volume of the backpack, such a comparison, sometimes makes people feel that the backpack is useless, but the fact is not like this.

      To compare the messenger bag with the backpack, I think it is a completely unscientific comparison, because I also have a few questions, how many size laptops can you put in the messenger bag? How many clothes can be put in the messenger bag? To put a heavy object would you like to pack it in a crossbody or a backpack? These few issues can also reflect the advantages of backpacks. Although the size and weight are not dominant, the messenger bag is completely crushed by the backpack in terms of capacity and strength.

      There is a saying that makes sense. Existence is reasonable. Since there are products in multiple categories such as messenger bags, backpacks, wallets, etc., each product has its corresponding advantages, group-oriented and use environment.

      What is the use of a men's backpack? Let’s put this question aside first. Let’s focus on analyzing the usage scenarios of men’s backpacks and analyzing the usage scenarios of men’s backpacks. Then we must know the advantages of this product. The undeniable advantages of backpacks are easy to carry and carry everything. This should exclude the suitcase, and then we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of backpacks and suitcases later.

      The common scenarios for backpack use are just these, 1. campus, 2. work, 3. travel, of course, the most common use of backpacks on campus and work is the need to carry a computer. In other cases, that What needs to be carried is something that a messenger bag cannot contain. However, when traveling, the purpose of using a backpack is generally to carry more things and to quickly get what you need during travel. So from this point of view, there is still a difference between a backpack and a messenger bag, and they can be used to make up for their shortcomings.

Travel with a backpack

      For myself, in most cases, I would choose to use a backpack, because one thing is irreversible, that is, the backpack can hold more things than a messenger bag. However, I usually like to put some commonly used documents and snacks in the backpack, or indispensable electronic accessories, these are the messenger bags that can not bring me.

      So what is the use of a men's backpack? To explain in one sentence, the existence is reasonable. Of course, the compactness and lightness of the messenger bag also have certain advantages in a specific environment. It depends on your own choice!

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