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  • 钱真友

    • 1974年出生,贵州瓮安县人。
    • 1988年从贵州来到广东打工
    • 2004年开厂嘉友皮具厂(泰格奴皮具前身)
    • 2013年创建泰格奴/ Tigernu品牌。
    • “优秀民营企业创业家”
    • 第一届广州花都区中小企业促进会理事
    • 广州花都贵州商会执行会长


    • 我只会做包,为此我将倾注毕生心血
    • 产品为先,质量为魂
    • 不要为了赚钱而工作,是做好工作而赚钱
    • 严格是大爱
    • 包是由拉链来定义的,从拉链开始,把每个细节做到极致




成年后,在高楼林立的城市里,看着人来人往的上班族,手里拿着公文包,肩上背着重重的背包,行程匆匆。这时我知道,这是一个承载着是他们在这所城市打拼梦想的包。我要做一个背包送给他们,带着我的祝愿,在这所城市逐梦。温饱解决后,在车站机场,形形色色的旅人, 背着旅行包,拉着行李箱。我知道,一个包,承载的是他们对精神世界的追求。我要做出一个包,送给他们,带着我的梦想,追逐内心的精神世界。



Company Profile 

  Tigernu is a bag brand originating from China. Since Tigernu firstly created a double-layer anti-theft zipper in 2012, its products have quickly sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Currently, it has more than 200 country patents including suspended zippers and freely retractable laptop layers. Tigernu has always insisted on innovation, applying the concepts of safety, health, and environmental protection to its products, adhering to the craftsman spirit of excellence, and making life simple and worry-free in a personalized, sustainable and safe way.

    • 2020

      Tigernu brand was sold in more than 160 countries and regions and redefined the "Explorer" as brand spirit.

      Redefining the Explorer series
    • 2019

      Herringbone Oxford cloth products were on sale, the material passed the European 8P environmental protection standard.

      There are three anti materials "antifungus, anti-bacterial ,and flame-retardant" that achieved new breakthroughs.

      Human Hemp Series Products
    • 2018

      Technology product bulletproof backpack and anti-cut material products came out.

      Tigernu brand of the 6th Anniversary.

      Cut-resistant material
    • 2017

      Elastic wire rope lock - enhanced anti-theft backpack and backpacks with invisible zippers came out.

      Enhanced anti-theft backpack
    • 2016

      Tigernu successfully launched men's wallets, expanded product category, and enhanced the brand's appeal.

      men's wallet
    • 2015

      Tiernu launched a "laptop backpack" integrating leisure and versatility, broke the inherent traditional backpack style; Developed an adjustable laptop compartment and obtained the patent to better protect the laptop and enhanced brand awareness.

      Multifunctional integrated backpack
    • 2014

      As a pioneer in the backpack industry, Tigernu was the first brand to propose the concept of "anti-theft" in China. Then introduced wear-resistant, scratch-resistant ,and waterproof high-density nylon fabric material,Entered the cross-border e-commerce platform, and the backpacks of double-layer anti-theft and explosion-proof zipper are quickly sold all over the world.

      Double-layer anti-theft and explosion-proof zipper display
    • 2013

      "Tigernu" barnd was founded in Guangzhou.

      tigenru brand image
    • 2009

      The new site of the Tigernu factory was decided in Shanqian Road, Xinyang Village, Shiling Town, Guangzhou.

      Picture of Tagnu Factory
    • 2004

      Tigernu's predecessor "Jiayou Leather Factory" was established.

      Jiayou Leather Factory
  • 1989

    Mr. Zhenyou Qian began to get acquainted with backpacks, and started a journey of exploration with it.

    Design backpack